Mañana Café was a passionate family collaboration between Martin and Genine Zavala, Justin Primeaux, and Jan Loomis. 

Originally from Mexico City, Martín brought his knowledge of authentic Mexican foods to their thriving restaurant Milagro in Stonington, CT. With a desire to expose more people to the flavors of Mexican cuisine, Martin, Genine and Jan joined forces with Justin. 

Justin and Genine grew up hearing stories about their great-grandfather’s spirited nightclub in Tijuana during Prohibition, Vick’s Place.  They had a longing to recreate that feel in a restaurant of their own. Combining Genine’s restaurant expertise, Martin’s modern reinventions of old family recipes, Jan’s business savvy, and Justin’s renowned hospitality, Mañana Cafe brings the spirit of Vick’s Place to Southeastern Connecticut. 

Mañana has quickly become a favorite in the community. 

Regulars become friends, and staff become family.

Come celebrate life, tacos, and tequila with us!